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This image shows our Featured Persian Rug Collection. Featured Collections  Religious Pictorial Rugs  Shah of Iran Portrait Rugs  Click on the Image or Link to view Persian Pictorial Rugs featuring Hunting Scenes and Hunting Carpets.Persian Hunting Scene Rugs


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Learn About | Persian Pictorial Rugs

Persian pictorial rugs are part of a diverse and unique genre that draws inspiration from sources throughout history and daily life. Persian picture carpets exemplify the precision and the capabilities of an art form that has been thousands of years in the making. The pictorial rug is an object of art that captures fantastical hunting scenes, religious icons and snapshots of everyday life. Like other art forms, Persian pictorial rugs include scenes where art imitates life and takes inspiration from other art forms, including music and poetry.

The hunting scene rug and Persian animal pictorials are among the oldest picture carpets. The hunting scene rug represents a sport favored by royalty all over the world. Although rugs featuring humans were often considered taboo for religious reasons, Persian animal pictorials were a suitable replacement that allowed artists to include large numbers of animated figures tucked into a forested background. Persian animal pictorials decorated with lions and symbolic animals were also used to represent power and strength.

During the 16th century and the height of the powerful Safavid dynasty, the pictorial rug experienced a surge in popularity as the carpet-commissioning rulers increased their influence over the trade. So-called king carpets depicting royalty became a frequent sight in galleries established by Iranís leaders. The tradition of immortalizing influential people with carpet portraits continued in the 20th century as Reza Shah and his son Mohammed Reza Pahlevi promoted the trade of carpets and weaving as an art form.

The religious influence that originally prohibited weavers from producing Persian picture carpets eventually led to the creation of Persian religious rugs recounting important events. Persian religious rugs woven in Tabriz, Isfahan and Qom feature an outstanding variety of Islamic, Christian and Judaic scenes.

The outstanding works of Persian Renaissance man Omar Khayyam have inspired generations of carpet weavers and countless Persian picture carpets. Pictorial rugs like those inspired by Omar Khayyam tell stories in an artful manner while depicting historic and imaginary people, places and events.

The Persian pictorial rug has an everlasting and pleasing tactile quality unmatched by other art forms. These diverse rugs encompass a broad range of styles and subjects, including military leaders rendered with photographic precision, whimsical drawings depicting life in Ancient Persia and exotic scenes featuring alluring details. Often woven with fine Kurk wool and silk highlights, these spectacular art pieces are ideal for displaying on the wall.

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Fine Persian Rug Showcase

Persian Nain Rugs |
Gorgeous Nain Carpets including Nain Habibian Signed, and fine 4LAH Nian carpets.
Silk Persian Rugs |
Pure Silk Persian Carpets including Silk Qums, Silk Tabrizs and silk carpets from Kashan.
Persian Esfahan Rugs | Includes master pieces from the Seirafian family, Enteshari Isfahan and Emami Isfahan.
Persian Tabriz Rugs
Tabriz Carpets from masters such as Benam Tabriz, Shirfar Tabriz, and Pictorial Tabriz rugs.
Persian Pictorial Rugs |
Pictorial Rugs including Animal Scene Rugs, Tree of Life Rugs and Prayer Rugs.

Persian Gonbad Rugs | Dome Design Gonbad Carpets including Silk Gonbad Rugs and Gonbad Tabriz Rugs.
Persian Bidjar Rugs
High Quality Bidjar Carpets including Halvai Bidjars, Golfarang Bidjars, and Takab Bidjars.