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Learn About | Persian Habibian Nain Rugs

The Habibian rug is one of the most prestigious carpet types to emerge during the 20th century, and they are still offered today. The master weaver Fatollah Habibi (1903-1995) is generally regarded as the father of Nain rugs and one of the city’s best weavers. Persian Nain Habibian rugs feature outstanding designs and construction to match.

The first Persian Habibian rug was sold sometime before 1920. While studying in Nain, the master weaver Fatollah Habibi, who specialized in weaving aba overcoats for men, sold his first carpet in the city of Isfahan for a reputed sum of 100 tomans or $21, a price that would have been a tremendous amount of money for the time. Together with his brother Mohammed, the Habibi brothers opened their first carpet weaving workshop in 1920. Although Nain has never been as large as neighboring Isfahan and other weaver centers, the Habibian Nain name gained an international following that put the rural county on the international carpet weaving map.

Since the Habibian workshop was founded, Persian Nain Habibian carpets have been manufactured with a cotton foundation and exceptionally soft Kurk wool pile. The quality rating of a Persian Habibian rug is generally determined by the type of cotton yarn used for the warp. Thinner warp threads are used to produce the finest Persian Nain Habibian carpets that are woven with 650 knots per square inch or more. Nola rugs that use three strands of three-ply yarn are classified as 9-Lah rugs. These rugs average between 175 and 250 knots per square inch. Shisla or 6-Lah rugs use three strands of two-play yarn and average between 300 and 400 knots per square inch. However, the finest and rarest Persian Nain Habibian rugs are Charla quality, which are made with two stands of two-ply yarn that have been joined together to produce a 4-Lah rug.

The tradition of the Habibian rug continues today at the Habibian Naeen Carpet Company where Habibian Nain carpets are still produced with the guidance of Fatollah’s grandson Mahmud Reza Habibi Naini. Habibian Nain rugs feature elegant floral medallions, exemplary geometry and the perfect combination of construction and design. The quality and aesthetic perfection of Habibian rugs have made Nain one of the world’s top carpet-producing cities for the past 50 years.

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