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This image shows our Featured Persian Rug Collection. Featured Collections  Religious Pictorial Rugs  Shah of Iran Portrait Rugs  Click on the Image or Link to view Persian Pictorial Rugs featuring Hunting Scenes and Hunting Carpets.Persian Hunting Scene Rugs



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Persian Rugs | New Arrivals

RECENT UPDATE 3/12/13 | This update we've added a few Vintage/Antique Pictorials rugs to the mix. A beautiful turquoise colored 3X4 Pure Silk Qum. A 4X4 Gonbad design Tabriz, a gorgeous 5X8 Pink Isfahan rug and a pair of Takab Bidjars. In about a month or so we'll be adding a collection of approximately 250-300 Vintage Persian Pictorial rugs to the site. We're photographing all the rugs now and I think you'll be impressed with the selection.
Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 2/4/13 | We were lucky enough to acquire several fine Persian Tabriz Gonbad rugs this week. Including a stunning 7x10 Pure Silk Persian Qum Gonbad rug! As well as a very rare side by side Panel design Persian Seirafian Isfahan Rug. And a pair of 5x7 Pure Silk Persian Tabriz Rugs, which are extremely hard to find. All in all we added just a few pieces, but they're all very unique.
Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 1/23/13 |  Added a few new pieces to the site this week. Some very rare Persian Empire Coat of Arms Rugs. These are extremely hard to find now. A pair of 5X7 Silk Foundation Persian Tabriz Rugs. And a wonderful 6X10 Allover design Persian Isfahan Rug.
Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 1/9/13 |  Happy New Year to all! We've added some very exciting pieces to the website. A gorgeous vintage pictorial Tabriz Rug. A beautiful 16x16 Round Persian Tabriz rug. As well as some fine scatter sized pieces.
Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 10/25/12 | A gorgeous 20X20 Round Persian Gonbad Rug, a beautiful 15X15 Round Persian Tabriz has been added as well. Over 20 Persian Pictorial Rugs, all framed and ready hang. As well as some other odds and ends. Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 9/28/12 | Some pure silk Persian Qums were added to the site, along with a pair of Vintage Pictorial Rugs. And a matching pair of room sized Persian Esfahan Rugs SIL2769 & SIL2777. Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 9/7/2012 | We've added some beautiful room sized Persian Isfahans to the site, an Incredible Burgundy and Gold colored Pure Silk Qum. And two truly one a of kind rugs, the first an all Silk Persian Halvai Bidjar. And the second a custom woven King of Clubs Persian Qum rug! Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 8/22/2012 | Added a couple more Pure Silk Persian Rugs from Qum. As well as a pair of Qajar design Pictorial Isfahan rugs. And a Gorgeous Vintage Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug. Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 8/8/2012 | Looking for a Pure Silk Persian Rug? Well we just obtained some beautiful Genuine Persian Silk Carpets. Qum Silk Rugs are some of the finest, most detailed silks in the world. Click here to see all the new additions.

UPDATE 7/5/2012 | We were lucky to enough to acquire some beautiful Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rugs. And a Gorgeous Pure Silk background Persian Isfahan rug. Click here to see all the new additions.

MAJOR UPDATE 6/8/2012 | Over 500 Fine Persian Rugs have been added to urbanrugs.com
We finally did it! We've added an additional 508 rugs to the website. Loads and loads of new stuff. Just a few of the categories that have been updated are listed below.

20X20 Pure Silk Persian Tabriz Gonbad, 15X15 Round Persian Tabriz Gonbad, Palace Sized Tabriz Gonbad's


(Pirouzian Mahi's have been added, Mahi Runner's, Oversized Mahi's)

Pure Silk Persian Gonbad Rug, Tree Of Life Pictorial Silk Qum Rug, Village Pictorial Persian Silk Rug,
Takht e Jamshid Archaeological Design Silk Qum

7X10 Incredible all Silk Backround Museum Piece!, Gorgeous Qajar Design Piece, Vintage Persian Hunting Rug
Seirafian Isfahan Hunting Rug

Last Supper Tabriz Rug, Ten Commandments Tabriz Rug, Qum Jesus Rug, Bakhtiari Mary/Jesus Rug

Over 125 New Rugs have been added to this category! 10X13 Tabriz Nakhshe Design, 8X11 Tabriz Nakhshe Design,

UPDATE 10/13/2011 | Over 30 Fine Persian Rugs have been added to urbanrugs.com
Just arrived a pair of beautiful Pure Silk Qum Hunting Rugs. This one has a Navy Blue background, the other has an amazing emerald green background. We also added 8 more 7X10 pure silk Persian Qums as well. You can see a few of them by clicking here. For those of you who ask for animal pictorials, check out this Rooster and Hen rug from Tabriz. How about an all silk background Isfahan Pictorial Rug, this beauty was being used as a wall hanging for over 15 years! If you love silks please go through our Persian Silk Rug section. We've added a bunch of pure silk rugs and much more 50RAJ Tabriz's in various sizes as well. And as always if you don't see what you're looking for please feel free to contact us. We have some rugs that we just haven't had the chance to photograph and add to the site yet. So you never know, we might have that perfect sitting in stock for you.

UPDATE 7/27/2011 | Over 25 Fine Persian Rugs have been added to urbanrugs.com
A bunch of new Pure Silk Persian Qum Rugs, including this amazing 8x8 Square Persian Silk Rug. Another 7x10 Pure Silk Qum Carpet featuring a Persepolis Crown design. A beautiful 3x5 Pure Silk Hunting Rug. A rare Turquoise Blue Persian Tabriz Mahi Rug and a genuine 50 RAJ Tabriz Mahi with stunning details. For pictorial lovers, we just received an amazing 60 RAJ Persian Tabriz Rug, it's a Farshchian Pictorial Rug titled
"The Remorseful Hunter" These are just a few examples of some of the new fine Persian rugs we've received in the past month. As always if you have any questions about these rugs or any other rug you see on our site please feel free to contact us at 718-523-3388.

UPDATE 6/14/2011 | Over 75 Fine Persian Rugs have been added to urbanrugs.com
Some great pieces have trickled in over the past few months. We just received a beautiful 5x7 Tabriz Hunting Rug, a 60RAJ Silk foundation 5x7 Tabriz Rug as well. A museum worthy Pure Silk Persian Qum Rug and another amazing 9x12 Pictorial Persian Esfahan Rug. A whole bunch of Silk Persian Rugs from Qum, and Kashan as well! And a few oversize pieces as well. Thank you for visiting our site, in case you're looking for something in particular please feel free to contact us.

UPDATE 4/27/2011 |
Over 100 Fine Persian Rugs have been added to urbanrugs.com
Recent arrivals include a bevy of Pure Silk Persian Rugs, a Collection of Persian Carpets inspired
by the art of Master Painter Mahmoud Farshchian. An incredible 5X6 Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug, this rug is so fine, it's probably a true 80 RAJ weave, but we're calling it a 70RAJ. We've also added a few more Persian Rugs featuring the dome Gombad design, just take a look at this amazing 5X5 Octagon Shape Pure Silk Qum rug. Gombad Design Carpets are my personal favorites and I always search high and low for the best ones. And lastly the
Oversize Persian Rugs that I mentioned in my last update have finally been photographed and added to the site. Click here to see all our Oversized Persian Carpets. Remember if you don't see what you're looking for please call us or email us with your requirements. We'll be more than happy to help you find that perfect rug.
UPDATE 3/30/2011 | Oversize Fine Persian Rugs are being added to the site.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding our entire oversize collection to this website. A few have already been added to the site such as this amazing 16x27 silk foundation Persian Tabriz rug, and this 16x26 Mahi Design Persian Tabriz rug.  We also have a 29x40 Fine Persian Tabriz, we're still trying to find room to photograph it!  Please remember all the rugs shown on this website are in stock and available for immediate shipment or viewing.

UPDATE 3/2/2011 | Major Update! Over 300 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
This is a very exciting addition to our site, we'll be highlighting some of the more interesting and rarest pieces in the coming days. Please check back soon. Just added a round Persian Gumbad Design Rug, a very rare Pure Silk Qum Octagon rug, a lot of Pure Silk Persian Quom Rugs, a museum Quality Mashad Amoghli rug featuring a Archeological design!, a pre revolution Tabriz Pictorial Rug with beautiful poetry by Master poet Saadi.

UPDATE 2/10/2011 | Over 100 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
Lots of Fine Persian Halvai Bidjars are being added to the site daily. These are arguably one of the best handmade rugs from Iran. In our opinion the most durable and long lasting carpets ever made, which is probably why they're given the nickname "Rugs of Steel".

UPDATE 1/24/2011 | Over 35 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
The Gonbads are here! More Tabriz Dome Design Gombads have been added to our site. Our staff is busy taking pictures every day, so please check back soon as we'll be adding more rugs to the site on a daily basis!

UPDATE 1/21/2011 | Over 100 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
We're also pleased to announce the addition of several new category's to our site. We have added Persian Kashan Rugs, Persian Mashad Rugs, as well as a separate category for all our
Pure Silk Persian Rugs, and Persian Prayer Rugs. And don't forget we also carry Oversized Rugs as well.

UPDATE 1/5/2011 |
Over 50 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
Including more
Pure Silk Persian Qums, More Gonbad design Tabriz rugs, and an amazing 10x13 Pictorial Rug a must see!

UPDATE 12/17/2010 | Over 150 more fine persian rugs have just been added to urbanrugs.com
A lot of Pictorial Esfahans, over 40 Pure Silk rugs, 20 Picture rugs, and many more.

Fine Persian Rug Showcase

Persian Nain Rugs | Gorgeous Nain Carpets including Nain Habibian Signed, and fine 4LAH Nian carpets.
Silk Persian Rugs | Pure Silk Persian Carpets including Silk Qums, Silk Tabrizs and silk carpets from Kashan.

Persian Esfahan Rugs | Includes master pieces from the Seirafian family, Enteshari Isfahan and Emami Isfahan.
Persian Tabriz Rugs | Tabriz Carpets from masters such as Benam Tabriz, Shirfar Tabriz, and Pictorial Tabriz rugs.
Persian Pictorial Rugs |
Pictorial Rugs including Animal Scene Rugs, Tree of Life Rugs and Prayer Rugs.

Persian Gonbad Rugs | Dome Design Gonbad Carpets including Silk Gonbad Rugs and Gonbad Tabriz Rugs.
Persian Bidjar Rugs | High Quality Bidjar Carpets including Halvai Bidjars, Golfarang Bidjars, and Takab Bidjars.