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This image shows our Featured Persian Rug Collection. Featured Collections  Religious Pictorial Rugs  Shah of Iran Portrait Rugs  Click on the Image or Link to view Persian Pictorial Rugs featuring Hunting Scenes and Hunting Carpets.Persian Hunting Scene Rugs

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                                                                                                         #2242 Pure Silk Background 7X10 Persian Isfahan Carpet
Learn About Fine Persian Tabriz Gonbad Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Isfahan Seirafian Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Tabriz Mahi Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Nain Habibian Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Hunting Design Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Pure Silk Oriental Rugs
Learn About Fine Persian Pictorial Oriental Rugs

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Fine Persian Rug Showcase
Fine Persian Nain Showcase | Persian Nain Carpets including Signed Habibian Nains, and fine 4LAH Nian masterpieces.
Pure Silk Persian Rugs Showcase | High Quality Pure Silk Persian Carpets Rugs including Silk Qums, Silk Tabrizs and silk carpets from Kashan.
Fine Persian Esfahan Rugs Showcase | Masterpieces from weavers such as Seirafian Isfahan, Enteshari Isfahan and Emami Isfahan.
Fine Persian Tabriz Rugs Showcase | Persian Tabriz Carpets from masters such as Benam Tabriz, Shirfar Tabriz, and Pictorial Tabriz rugs.
Fine Persian Pictorial Rugs Showcase | Pictorial Persian Rugs including Animal Scene Rugs, Poetry Rugs, Tree of Life Rugs and Prayer Rugs.

                     Fine Persian Gonbad Rugs Showcase | Gorgeous Dome Design Gonbad carpets including Silk Gonbad Rugs and Gonbad Tabriz Rugs.
Fine Persian Bidjar Rugs Showcase | Genuine Persian Bidjar Rugs including Halvai Bidjars, Golfarang Bidjars, and Takab Bidjars.


Round Persian Gonbad Rug What's Hot & Selling? Persian Gonbads are by far the most popular and best selling handmade rugs from Tabriz. UrbanRugs.com unique relationship with rug weavers and suppliers from around the world gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best selection of Persian Gombad rugs at the lowest prices possible. Over the past 25 years we have sold hundreds of these fine rugs, and continue to search for the most unique Persian rugs to make available online. To learn more about the Persian Gonbad design please click here. To view our current selection of Gombad Carpets for sale please click here. If you have any questions at all or rug requests please feel free to contact us.

Persian Mahi DesignPersian Rug News & Trends  Persian Mahi Rugs feature a very simple yet elegant design. Many interior designers and decorators around the world love the Persian Mahi pattern due to the fact it can be implemented into any decor. While the Persian rug embargo was reenacted on September 29, 2010; prices for these beautiful fine rugs are gradually increasing. We're not letting this affect our loyal customers. UrbanRugs.com competitive pricing allows everyone an opportunity to own a genuine handmade Persian Mahi pattern carpet at a fraction of it's retail value.
                    To learn more about the Persian Mahi design please click here. To view our current selection of Mahi's for sale please click here.


High Quality Persian Rugs
inspired by the Art of Master Painter Mahmoud Farshchian

High Quality Persian Picture Rugs
inspired by Persian Qajar Dynasty Paintings

High Quality Persian Pictorial Carpets inspired by Persian Poets Hafez, Saadi, Ferdowsi

High Quality Persian Prayer Rugs, Animal Pictorial Rugs,
and Tree of Life Rugs

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