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"The design of this carpet is different from the others because it presents several scenes from the Koran. ItÆs the image of Aaron the priest wearing priestly clothes and behind him thereÆs the candlestick with 7 arms. On the right side thereÆs the image of Moses holding the tablets with the laws received from God. On the upper side is the image of the ark of GodÆs convenant with the Israelities. At the bottom is the image of the prophet Elijah being kidnapped by God in Heaven in a chariot of fire. On the top edge, on both sides of the carpet,thereÆs the logo of every tribe of the children of Jacob (Israel), each logo in an ivory-colored circle. On the carpetÆs upper right side is the image of Moses hiting a rock, the water comes out and the israelities drink from it. On the other side , is the image of Father Abraham sacrificing his son to God to prove his faith."

Tabriz Rugs
The rugs manufactured in the city of Tabriz also are of great finesse. Their predominant colors are red, blue and ivory. They offer strong contrasts in the rug’s image but also inspire serenity and beauty. Most are hand-knotted on a soft cotton foundation using a combination of wool and silk. Some of them show the common floral designed central medallion. Featuring different sizes and a perfect symmetry these rugs prove the skills of those who worked to manufacture them.