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"Renowned for their unique patterns, smooth structure, lustrous wool and durability, Kashmar carpets and rugs are handmade by Persian people from the province of Khorasan in north-eastern Iran. With a rug weaving history traced back to the 1500s, the Kashmar rugs have been reputed to be some of the highest quality and most sought after works of art from the region. Master weavers produce the somewhat rare carpets with patterns that feature a pictorial with stories of historic events and cultural life including scenes of ancient ruins and sculpture. Animals and birds are occasionally represented along with tree motifs and the more common floral repetition in the curvilinear patterns. Easily distinguishable due to their large size and distinctive designs, Kashmar rugs have a cotton warp with a soft wool pile made with Persian knots and in very rare and older rugs silk may be seen. A myriad of colors are used including navy, orange, red, peach, burgundy, beige and soft green with a predominance of cream, light blue and gold that features regularly giving the rugs a regal look and feel. ORD#11632"

Mashad Rugs
Mashad is the capital of Khorasan in northeastern Iran. The city is known for hosting the mausoleum of the eighth Imam of Shia. Usually this region produces large rugs and their quality is very good. They are made mostly of wool and the floral image of the rug is usually crowded with a medallion in the center.